About Blue Voyage

The original "Blue Voyage" was born out of the curiosity and imagination of novelist and short story writer Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli (1886 - 1973) who was exiled to the Turkish south-west for three years in 1925.
The writer led a simple life and spent his days exploring coastline by boat, the best and only form of transport available to him. Interested in nature, history and archaeology, the writer so enjoyed his new life that he decided to stay there after his period of exile was over.

During the years that followed, Kabaagacli invited friends from Istanbul and Izmir to join him on his floating excursions along what is known today as the "Turquoise Coast".
Companions included one of his closest confidants, art historian Sabahattin Eyuboglu (1908 - 1973), who helped him create this priceless tradition and who first coined the term "Blue Voyage".

The true concept of the "Blue Voyage" as enjoyed by Kabaagacli and Eyuboglu is now available to our guests and through-out your "Blue Voyage" you will have the same opportunities to discover this fascinating region - to slip over the side of your Gulet for a cooling swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Turkish Mediterranean or to go ashore with your Guide to visit historical and archaeological sites, walk off-the-beaten-track through the hills and mountains that line this spectacular coastline or to mingle with villagers as they go about their daily lives. The choice will always be yours to make.

Indeed it is an occasion to leave the worries of the world behind, to discover the historical and cultural wealth of an ancient land and to enjoy its nature. Most of all, it is a rare opportunity to observe and partake of the unique blend of traditional and modern life that is the "real" Turkey... a chance very few visitors ever really get to experience.

The Blue Voyage Dining: Widely regarded as one of the three great kitchens of the world, Turkish cuisine impresses visitors with its meticulous preparation, the use of fresh ingredients, its surprising contrasts and its unerring balance of composition.

Famous for its rich variety of dishes and superb blending of spices and herbs, Turkish cuisine offers an even greater gastronomic pleasure because it has evolved from the different civilizations and cultures that have inhabited its land during its 10,000-year history. At the start of a meal it is customary to say to your fellow-diners "Afiyet Olsun" which means "May that you eat bring you well-being". To compliment the cook for a delicious meal, one says "Elinize saglik" or "Bless your hands".

On your Blue Voyage, your personal yacht cook will prepare for you each day a full Turkish breakfast; this will include eggs of the day, cereals and yogurt, bread or toast, jam and marmalade, fruit juice, fresh fruit, tea and coffee. A typical Turkish lunch or dinner will usually begin with a soup or a selection of "meze" (hors d'oeuvres), followed by the main course with seasonal vegetables, dessert and fresh fruit. And of course, no meal would be complete without the chance to savor at leisure a "Turkish coffee"! Lunch and dinner will be taken on board or ashore (seldom) according to the itinerary.